Journey Bottling Co. takes pride in providing high quality, full wine bottling services to the wine producer year round at reasonable prices. We emphasize quality, efficiency, cleanliness and safety in every aspect of our operation.


Journey Bottling Co. offers two state-of-the-art mobile bottling lines that travel to your facility and bottle your product. Both lines are staffed by two technicians, combining over 35 years of bottling experience. Each trailer comes self-contained and ready to go.

We offer pressure sensitive and glue labeling options, with or without neck labels. We bottle 375ml, 750ml, and 1.5L bottles. We can apply corks, capsules, and screw caps, all at 1,800-plus cases per day.

All cases are glue sealed for a more professional finished product. Please contact us for our competitive pricing structure to fulfill your bottling needs. No set up fees, no hidden costs.

Due to new initiatives, Journey now cuts water usage in half saving you precious resources.


Matt Labbe